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So a couple days ago I saw episode 3X11 birthday of Angel. I was immediately taken with the episode. We see a glimpse of an alternate universe where Cordelia never met Angel in L.A. Then we find out that the ramifications are that Angel is stuck with Doyle’s visions. I love AU (Alternate Universe) stories and I love angst. So obviously this was one of my favorite episodes ever. We have Wesley who has lost an arm! And anAngel who has been driven almost insane due to visions! I have refrained from reading any Buffy or Angel fanfiction up to this point! But the promise of Angsty AU fics won me over. I immediately set out to find fics focusing on the Alternate Reality in the episode Birthday. I was surprised when I barely found any. I come form the Stargate fandom where when there was one AU character (Rod) who came onto the show it spawned a whole new category of fics called Mensa AU fics. So when I couldn’t find many fics for the birthday episode I was disappointed. I guess I have grown used to AU’s. I know in many fandoms AU’s are despised because they generally suck. I find that for Stargate AU’s work better. There are many different kinds of AU’s in the Stargate Fandom as well. There are AU (Contemporary setting), AU (Historical or pseudo historical), AU (Quantum mirror), and AU (includes Stargate program) among others. I have gotten used to have an abundance of well written AU’s at my fingertips and the fact that other fandoms don’t have as many well written AU’s upsets me! If I am unable to find more Episode tags (Fanfiction that is centered around a certain episode) to the Angel episode birthday I might be forced to write one myself!

I haven’t actually searched all of Livejournal yet for groups but hopefully I will find more Birthday based fics somewhere! I need my angsty AU’s! Here are the fics I have already found. If you know of any more pleas let me know.

Changes by Miss Becky

Facets Of The Innocent by tobymatt

The burdens we bear by bashipforever

Watching cordy by Derry

Waters of life by Cynamin
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Here is a fic I wrote a year or two ago. It is in the StarGate Atlantis fandom.I think it was the second fic I ever wrote. Unfortunately I can't find the first one!


Ancient combat )


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