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So at San Diego Comic con this year, if you reserved a copy of X-men first class, you would get either a Team Charles or a Team Erik T-shirt, I pre-ordered two specifically so I could have both shirts. But since not everyone could go I decided to make a pdf of the shirt images so you can print,screen print, make your own. I have the front pictures done, the writing on the back and the writing on the sleeve will come later :)

click on the pics for PDF's for printing.


for those who want to know the text on the back of Erik's shirt says "Peace Was never an option", and the back of Charles' says "How's That for a magic trick?"

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I was fooling around in photoshop yesterday and i decided that I wanted to make some gifs for fantastic Mr. fox. With the help of these two tutorials I did. I made a few for Fantastic Mr. Fox and some of Amanda Fucking Palmer. I plan to make some of them into icons as fell I just have to shorten them or size down the amount of frames. enjoy. :)

Fantastic Mr. Fox Gifs )
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  I have been rather productive this year in regards to artsy things. I took a sewing class, color theory class, basic design, and a screenprinting class. I also made stuff for a craft fair, made some jewelry and costumes. all in all it was a really arty year.

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 s some of you already know, my brother and I are working on a musical entitled Mr. Max's Madhouse. It takes place in an asylum. As for time period we are not sure yet I want it to be sometime around maybe the 20's when they really had no way of dealing with mentally unstable people. We are still working out the whole plot and developing characters but so far I think we are off to a good start
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So as some of you have heard my freinds and I are working on a group steampunk cosplay. we hope to have them done in time for haloween. We are all going to be part of the crew for an airship. I will be the Mechanic, Kristin will be the navigator, Yvonne the Pilot, and Mike the captain. We are still working out all the details of costumes but here is a rough sketch of my outfit!

I don't know the exact colors yet but it will probably be in browns or dark yellows (Steam punk colors!) Also on the center front pocket will be some sort of patch. My freinds and I are going as a group who are on the same airship so the patch will probably be our ships symbol. (We haven't actualy decided on a symbol yet.) There will also be boots! But since I suck at drawing shoes I decided not to inflict my horrible attempts at drawing them on you.

I would like some bootslike this

I also want to have a small jacket over it in a similar style to this but Less fancy! A mechanic can't wear a fancy coat. So it will be the same sort of jacket but without the lace and it will close with snaps instead of buttons. It will probably be made out of a heavy canvasy material.

For a hat I want a hat like this! But I have no idea what type of hat it is! Anyone know what it is called?

and possibly some awesome goggles like these which I will probably keep up on the hat. (execpt for probably not as well made!)

also We will be making a crazy metal contraption for my hand similar to this. What is it for you ask! I have no idea! Maybe to make my hand stronger! Maybe I wear it becasue my hand mas horribly hurt in an accident! Ijust want something crazy!

For props I plan on painting a nerf gun to make it look something like one of these.

or maybe a metal gun made out of easy to find stuff like this one.
 Click on image for detils of how gun was made!

And of course some rusty old tools. They will either be hanging from a belt or we will make custom holders on the outfit.

Icon Dump

Jun. 21st, 2009 01:41 am
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24 Weid Al Yankovic icons
5 Phoenix Wright icons
1 the Demon's Lexicon icon

Please comment and let me know which icons you are taking. Thanks!
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 Last semester I took a fashion drawing class where we learned to draw the fashion figure (tis different from the normal figure as it is crazily tall and thin) how to draw flats (technical rendering of garments meant to show details of garment so that people can make patterns and manufacture it) and how to render fabrics (To draw a fabric accurately.)


So for my final project in my fashion drawing class I had to design my own line and draw six fully rendered garments and one full fashion figure. I decided to base mine off of flowers. The line was titled in bloom and each outfit was based off of a flower.


Here is a picture of my finished board. some of the things from the board have fallen off like the waterlily fabric swatches and the left sock for the bird of paradise. It was on display outside for the fashion show and the wind must have blown some of the things away.



The first outfit I drew was based on the water lily. It has a Japanese flair to it and I feel it is a wa-lolita dress. Luckily my teacher said I didn't have to render the whole top. That would have been a nightmare, I only had to do a part of it, but the whole top is suppoesed to be made out of the brocade.


The second outfit is based on the rose. I love this dress to pieces.  I was originally going to draw gloves that go to the wrist and button (Sot of like these except they button up the side instead of lace) up and also crazy Victorian boots the ones you have to put on with special hooks. (I couldn't find a picture of the type I was speaking about but these are pretty close), but I got lazy. I don't know what is up with the velvet fabric swatch. I but mounting tape on the back to stick the two fabric swatches together, and when I scanned it in it did something funky. It is hard to tell from the scan but the green swatch is supposed to be silk! It woldn't come out right when I scanned it or when I took a picture of it so I just gave up. This dress was actualy my second favorite to render. to do velvet you first color the outfit the color you want it to be then go over it with a white colored pencil to give it a fuzzy look. My favorite part of this outfit is the bow on back, I love how nice the leaf bow came out!


The next piece is based on the sunflower. I was also going to do an extra piece for this one, a sunhat with sunflower on it and a green ribbon tied around it which would wall to about the nape of the neck. I hated the way the hat looked when I drew it so I scrapped it. It was also supposed to have realy cute sandals with a little sunflower on them, but I am horrid at drawing shoes so they were scrapped. 

The last outfit is based on the bird of paradise. it was realy hard to find the fabric swatches for this one becasue it is impossible to find a purple knit and it is also imposible to find a yellow to orange dip dye. I ended up coloring a white fabric swatch purple. my friend found a yellow to orange dip dye (actualy is went through the whole rainbow, I just cut out the yellow to orange part) but it wasn't in the right fabric but it was all I could find. This one was my favrite to render. I had to use about six different markers for the skirt alone and then blend them. It was alittle frustrating at first because I went out and bought special marker paper for the project and then the markers would not blend! I had to go out and buy a thinner marker parer and mount it on the thicker one just to get the skirt to look right. 

And then we finaly have my full fashion figure. I was originaly going to do the waterlilly one but decided rendering the brocade would be a huge pain so I went with the Bird of paradise. I based the picure off of this one I found while searching on line. I traced the balance lines (Balance lines are pictured on theleft side of the picture. They help you draw a figure more realisticaly and accurately) and drew from there. I must admit this was the hardest part of the project. I stink at drawing hands and had to re-draw her multiple times just because when I went toink the hand I realized I hated it. Luckily my teacher accepted leaving her face blank as an artistic choice. (i can not draw faces at all). The shoes were crazy hard to draw and whenI finaly finaly finished it I just grabbed the two colors I thought would look good (I had just used green and purple for the socks so I figures I would use orang and yellow) and colored htem in and htey were hidious! But I had re-drawn her so many times I just let it be.

Also on the subject of the fabric swatches, all of them look like crap and I couldn't find a way to make them look any better wether by scanning them ot takina picture. If anyone has any handy tips just let me know. thanks.

Dull boy

May. 19th, 2009 11:36 am
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Dull Boy by Sarah Cross Pictures with the book )
 EDIT: I recieved the book from amazon and just finished reading it! Here is a review of it! It is awesome! Go read it NOW!
I actualy couldn't find the book in any bookstore near me so I oredered it off amazon. The book I am holding in the picture is actualy Cassandra Clare's City of Bones with the cover of Dull boy Photoshopped over it! Hoepfully by this time next week the book will have arrived from amazon! I am super excited about it. So here are the horribly photoshopped images that i made. Suprisingly enough the thing that took the longest was finding a good place to lay to make it appear that I was Flying! There are two alternate images! Me flying in the sky or me beating up godzilla! the godzilla picture is actualy a college of 12 or 13 images that I had to do for my art class (My teacher hated it because I did it digitaly). My brother loved the college so much that he hung it up in his room! Here is a link to the bigger images on my photobucket #1 and #2


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