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    A mix! The first one I have done in a long time! I presnt Remakes. A collection of cover songs that are vastly different from the original songs. Download and enjoy! 

                       Side A                                                   Side B
01. Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles                                               01. Walk Like an Egyptian - The pupini Sisters
02. Dancing with myself - Billy Idol                                                02. Dancing With myself Nouvella Vauge
03. Perhaps,  Perhaps,  Perhaps - Doris Day                             03. Perhaps,  Perhaps,  Perhaps - Cake
04. My Favorite Things - Julie Andrews                                                    04. My Favorite Things - Pomplamoose
05. Girls Just Wanna have fun -Cyndi Lauper                                       05. Girls Just Wanna have fun -Emilie Autumn
06. Common People - Pulp                                                           06. Common People - William Shatner
07. Addicted to love - Robert Palmer                                                         07. Addicted to love - Florence + the Machine
08. Idioteque - Radiohead                                                                                 08. Idioteque - Amanda Palmer
09. Iron Man - Black Sabbath                                                                         09. Iron man - The Cardigans
10. Wicked game - Chris Issac                                                                     10. Wicked game - Giant Drag
                 Side A download                                                                                                                                    Side B Download

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My love for this album knows no bounds. When I play it in the car I start to rock out, like using the steering wheel as a drum and dancing around rocking out. There may also be a lot of loud singing involved. So becaue I love this album so much I have decided to share it with you guys too :)

Here comes Science by They might Be giants ) 
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I absolutely love finding remakes of songs that take the original song and turn it into something completely different. I love them to bits. So here is a list of remake songs that I like more than the original song (or just as much but in a different way.) and a download link to said songs

Remakes that are vastly different from the original )
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Here is my newest playlist titled Songs to Listen to after the Zombie Apocalypse and it has songs that are about just what the title implies.It includes songs by Muse, Queen, Stolen Babies, Creature feature and others. I myself see them  as a narrative about a character in this post apocalyptic world. The songs tell the story of  their journey from when the outbreak happened to fighting zombies to their inevitable death.

tracklist and download link under cut )
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So here is the second collection of geeky songs for you all. It includes songs by artists such as Lemon Demon, Bare Naked Ladies, MC Frontalot and Flight of the Concords.

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I have been working on this mix for a while now. It is a playlist of songs for every type of geek. without further ado Songs to Geek out to )


Feb. 1st, 2010 01:51 pm
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so here be a playlists I have made and decided to share with the public. It is called Broaden your horizons.

playlists and download link under cut )


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