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track list
01 Fette's Vette - MC Chirs
02 I'll Form the Head - MC Frontalot (Featuring ZeaLouS1 And Dr. Awkward)
03 River - Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill
04 Flow like Poe - MC Lars
05 Neville - MC Chris
06 Charisma Potion - MC Frontalot
07 Game Store Girl - Beefy
08 Grow up - Mega Ran
09 Very Poorly concealed secret track - MC Frontalot ft Optimus Rhyme
10 MAL -  Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill
11 Hey there Ophelia - MC Lars
12 Nerdcore Rising - MC Frontalot
Download link here

Songs to geek out to
01 Will they or won't they - The Doubleclicks
02 Good morning moon - Marian Call
03 An awful lot of running to do - Chameleon Circuit
04 Oh, Mr. Darcy - The Doubleclicks
05 I am a paleontologist - They Might be Giants
06 Math Prof. rock star - Jim's Big Ego
07 Ocarina of time medley - The dread crew of oddwood
08 Speed and velocity - They Might Be Giants
09 The U.S.S. Make Shit up - Voltaire
10 It's Good to have Jayne on your side - Marian Call
11 This Fantasy World - The Doubleclicks
12 IT all Makes sense at the end - Molly Lewis
13 The Ballad of Barry Allen - Jim's Big Ego
14 Don't Leave - Ministry of Magic
15 Don't unplug me - All Caps
16 Ballad of Bilbo Baggins - Leanord Nemoy
17 A glorious Dawn - Carl Sagan
18 Alohamora - Pogo
19 Computer friends - Sniper twins
20 Why does the sun shine? - They Might Be Giants
Download Link here

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 So this compilation has been a long time coming, I actually had most of the songs for about a year now (I went to w00t St0ck last year and hear a bunch of geeky artists, but I never got around to making it. Because I was uber lazy, you get no album artwork at all! I hope you enjoy this mix and with out further ado

The Track list )
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Here is my newest playlist titled Songs to Listen to after the Zombie Apocalypse and it has songs that are about just what the title implies.It includes songs by Muse, Queen, Stolen Babies, Creature feature and others. I myself see them  as a narrative about a character in this post apocalyptic world. The songs tell the story of  their journey from when the outbreak happened to fighting zombies to their inevitable death.

tracklist and download link under cut )
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Blarhg! So music mixes have eaten my life lately, I am working on five fanmixes for Merlin, One fanmix for Waldorph's A highly Illogical mind series, a playlist titled songs to listen to after the Zombie apocalypse, and have ideas for a Doctor Who Fanmix, A supernatural fanmix and a Demon's Lexicon Fanmix (a book by the amazing Sarah Rees Brennan A.K.A. Sarahtales)

Fanmix updates and other stuff )
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So here is the second collection of geeky songs for you all. It includes songs by artists such as Lemon Demon, Bare Naked Ladies, MC Frontalot and Flight of the Concords.

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I have been working on this mix for a while now. It is a playlist of songs for every type of geek. without further ado Songs to Geek out to )


Feb. 1st, 2010 01:51 pm
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so here be a playlists I have made and decided to share with the public. It is called Broaden your horizons.

playlists and download link under cut )


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