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Had a super productive week on the podficcing front. I started my joint project with[personal profile] k_town which I am really excited about.we are recording nekomuses x-men first class story Tessellation. What is exciting about it is unlike other joint recording thing, we live like ten minuites away from each other so we can actually record in the same room together. So instead of each of us just recording a chunk and putting the, together, we each took one one point of view (I am doing Erik and Ktown is doing charles) and then we took on other characters in the other person's sections so there is some back and forth going on. As of tonight we just finished recording chapter 6.

I also started on my splice fics together and yuletide square for podfic_bingo, i took three batman beyond stories and I am stringing them together to create a bigger story. i finished the first two (Birth of a lioness, and appearing to ight the one and only) and edited them, I just need to start on the longest one (come and build in the empty house).

I also recorded and finished editing chapter one of this amazingly epic Avatar the last airbender fic from the ashes a new hope . It was incredibly fun to read.

I finally finished the teen wolf fic I was looking for a hooker when I found you for [personal profile] k_town 's birthday and started recording the teen wolf fic. Words like sparks, which is going to be super exciting because i talked my brother into composing original music for the singing bits!

I got the first draft of one my [community profile] pod_together stories done, I am really excited for it as it is a godchild/count cain story which I haven't seen much of but I love the manga!

Lastly I got part 3 of 12 of the star trek 2009 fic so wise we grow recorded, now I just need to edit it and send it off to my beta.

I am just glad I am getting all the podfic done now because I suspect when school starts I won't be able to do much recording :(

Also I am pretty much done with my first podfic bingo card

dr_fumbles_mcstupid's Podfic Bingo!
Incorporate MusicPoetryCharacter of ColourCrossover/FusionRead Sexy
Abridge2+ Hours LongRead While LaughingRead DeadpanMinor Character
Collaborate1st POVWild Card!SingRead Quietly
Read Slowly (for you)CrackNo EditingGossipNonEnglish Language
Echo EffectFemslashRead SadlyAngstTrans Character

And All my other squares are covered by so wise we grow and I am cheating out of abridge. So I am so close to being done that I got another podfic bingo card.

dr_fumbles_mcstupid's Podfic Bingo!
<10 Minutes LongGossipNo EditingTrans CharacterRead without Cues
Splice Fics TogetherFemale CharacterRead AngrilyAngstOut of Order
Action/AdventureCrackWild Card!Incorporate MusicRandom Fic
YuletideSlashCollaborateMixed MediaSlur/Mumble
CollaborateChild CharacterTry an AccentRead While LaughingHet

the ones linked are squares I have covered, if you have any recs for the other squares please let me know, I have an insanely huge fandom list (Which you can find on my pinboard)


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