Apr. 26th, 2014

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CLOSED! thanks so much to everyone who,bid and donated, we raised over $800.00! T.C. And i thank you profusely!
 My Cat T.C. had an abscess that burst on February 20th. I took him to the vet and they gave him some medication and cleaned the wound expecting it to heal.  fast forward two months and the abscess still hasn't healed. After multiple vet visits and different treatments they want to do a surgery to see if a foreign object is inside keeping the wound from closing. They also want to cut away the bad tissue and put in a drain so it will heal. 

The doctor has been a little confounded at the case, and we still haven't pinned down what exactly is causing it, they want to do a biopsy to see if it is cancer, and an x-ray to see if it is a bone infection. Even if it is one of these other issues, getting this abscess to heal is still the first step on the road to recovery. So to raise money I am holding a fanworks auction.

1. Offers and bids/purchases are open from today, April 26, to Saturday may 3.
2. All offers should be completed by may 31st, unless other arrangements are made between offerer and donor.
3. Offers may be in the form of a set number of items on a first come first served basis OR as an auction conducted within the item's thread, for which the item goes to the highest bidder(s) at the offerer's discretion.
4. If you win an item, please send the offerer proof of your donation. You do not need to send me proof because I'll get the go fund me notification automatically. Remember to put your Dw name in the note on the go fund me donation.
6. If you want to donate without taking an offer, please do.
7. This is a multi-fandom, multi-format, original works, any darn thing you want dollar drive. 


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