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I have been using my time since school got out catching up on T.V. shows I missed, I have just started watching the second half of season three of EUReKA (anyone on my F-list watch it?) and after I finish that I have a huge amount of House to catch up with. i also got my hands on a ripped copy of The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series and I am loving it. I am currently trying to find a way in which I can afford to buy the box set (Costco has it for $99!) and still go on my vacation.

. I t is official, music video ideas have started to invade my brain again so I am going to start vidding again. The first on my list of things to do is a Supernatural music video to Gogol Bordello's Wonderlust king 

and hopefully a Merlin one to get it together by the Go! Team

I also want to remake my Tinman video in DVD Quality now that I own the DVDs ( I love that video so much and it makes me incredibly happy that it was the first tinman video on youtube too! XD) and I also Really want to re-make my Chuck music video secret agent man as I rushed the ending a lot. 

In other news I cant find a gif of watson attacking a guy with a frying pan from the 2009 sherlock Holmes movie and it is driving me a little bit crazy. I guess I shall have to make one myself.


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