Iron Man 2

May. 7th, 2010 06:19 pm
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 So in preparation for seeing Iron man 2 today my brother and I re-watched iron man last night. It was pretty fun except he had tro go and ruin some things. we paused the movie so that he could rant on Tony Stark's welding methods. Apparently cooling metal in water like that makes the metal very brittle so when he got shot at the bullets would have gone right through the metal.

We also somehow got onto the subject of supernatural and we have decided that Dean would be Iron man while Sam would be Batman. Dean has the whole ladies man thing going on and with the (scroll over for slight spoilers from Iron Man 2) Daddy issues and Self destructive tendencies brought up in Iron Man 2 it fits so well. Sam on the other hand is an angsty little guy who walks more on the dark side of things. This revelation brought us at leas an hour of hilarity.

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 So I pre-ordered final Fantasy XII. I was going to be a good girl and wait for all the reviews first but they tempted me with a limited edition numbered  hardcover guide book with all the game artwork in it.

So I couldn't resist. I went to the midnight release (I normally don't go to bed until around 3:00 I have a CRAZY sleep schedule) And put it away for the next day.

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 So I stopped by Barnes and Nobles today to pick up the Eternal Kiss. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had come out straight to paperback instead of hardcover. I rejoiced in the fact that I would still have some money in my bank account this week I took it home and immediately read Unded is very hot right now. I was expecting something amazing and something amazing I got. 


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First of all you are all probably thinking “Hey she did not win an advanced readers copy!” and you would be right. My Brother monkeyfaceman won it for me. He gave it to me two days ago and said happy birthday. I was puzzled because my birthday was February 24th. But when I opened the package I died. My brother and my best friend entered the contest together to get me the book that I have been raving about for so long. In conclusion I have the best brother ever! XD And now that I have actually read the book my already exasperated friends who hear me spouting the wonders of Sarah Rees Brennan will never get me to shut up.


I will write a more extensive review when the book comes out. Also my writing classes are influencing my writing. I felt compelled to turn what was the ratings of a crazed fangirl into what is hopefully a semi coherent review.



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