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Hi, My name is Catherine Draper. I moved out to California Three years ago to follow my dreams of becoming a costumer. I am now working in costuming, and going to school at Fullerton Junior college in their costuming program.

Moving out was hard, I had never lived by myself and the process of everything in California Is higher than where I previously lived in Tucson.

At work this last month, I hurt my back. I visited the doctor and they put me on restricted duty, which would be fine, but the location I work at doesn't accept anyone working there with any restrictions, so work has put me on transitional duty. I am only a part time worker, and at my old location I was guaranteed 24 hours a week at work, but in other locations I am not guaranteed any hours of work. In the past two weeks while i have been on transitional duty, i have had 8- 12 hours of work a week. It looks like I will be on transitional duty for the next 6 weeks at least with a possibility of two months.

What I need help with is ensuring I have enough money to pay rent for the next two months, gas money, and to help buy school supplies. Currently I pay $550 a month for rent including utilities. Right now I am only making $88- $132 a week at work (which has a possibility of going down if they have less work available).

I would love any help you can give me, I really want to continue working at this job because the connections I could make for future costuming jobs is sometime I really want to keep, and I don't want to have to give up this job to do something not in line with my future career goals just because of this one work injury.

So to try to keep this job while I recover, I wanted to do a fandom auction to try to raise some money. If you want to donate or offer something please post below with what you want to offer.
You can donate money to my go fund me page, here.
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