Jan. 1st, 2019

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Ace Attorney
Assertive [Miles/Phoenix 31:04]

Bizarre love triangle (Marvel Adventures) [Steve/Tony 12:09]
Cursed (or that one fic where Loki is a Disney Princess) (MCU, 616) [Gen10:58]
Darcy and Kamalah's #ExcelentAdventure (MCUx616) [Gen 19:15} read with Iv0611
I’ll remember best of all, all the things we didn’t say (616 Steve/Tony, 45:16)
Iron Lady 1: tell ‘em okay (don’t do a goddamn thing they say)9MCU0 [Gen 11;17]
Iron lady 2: with legs too weak to make a stand (we’re all crucified in the end) (MCU)[Gen 11:39]
Iron Lady 3:i got one foot in the cradle (and one in the grave) (MCU) [Pepper/Tony, 12:55]
Impulse (MCU Bucky/Tony 22:50)
Mahogany Cake With Fudge Frosting([Agent carter) [Peggy/Angie 11;06] read with Iv0611
Six Degrees (616) [Gen 07:07]
Somewhere over the wormhole (Marvel adventures Steve/Tony 12:32)
The Stark Guide to Mission reports [Gen/ 7:56] Collaboration
Waking the Dragon (616 AU Steve/Tony 06:47:00)
When The lights go on again (616) {Tony/Steve, carol/Wanda 19:45:52] Collaboration
White Rabbit (Ultimates x Marvel Adventures) [Ultimates Steve/Adventures Tony 13:16]
(The White Knight) Is Talking backwards (Ultimates x Marvel Adventures) [Ultimates Steve/ultimates Tony 18:05]
Yelp page for The Coney IslandDesign and Construction [Bucky/Steve 9:59] Collaboration
you’re a rich little boy (who’s had to work for his toys) (MCU) [Pepper/Steve/Tony, 21:44]

Batman Beyond
One Night In gotham [Gen 17:50]

Big hero Six
Natural Born Actor [gen 39:52]

Brooklyn Nine Nine
You can hear it in the silence [MCU X-OverGen 19:35]

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Ten Additional Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers [Buffy X-over 6:46]
Ten Morel Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers [Buffy X-over 7:05]
Ten Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers [Buffy X-over 6:49]
Ten Other Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers [Buffy X-over 6:54]
Ten Further Things That Never Happened to Buffy Summers [Buffy X-over 11:07]

Cracked Afterhours
9 Strangely Arousing Things In Doctor Who [Soren/Dan 18:29]
Five of the most bizarre things to masturbate to [gen 05:56]
The Four Worst things about being Cursed by a witch [Soren/Dan 09:45]
Seventeen  [Soren/Dan 8:15]
Six reasons why the princess bride is actually terrible [gen 11:58]
Three Reasons Why Jurassic Park Wouldn't Work in the -- Conversation is Now Over [Soren/Dan 11:37]

Bryce and Chuck working together [Bryce/Chuck 17:47]

Advanced Ambulatory Ichthyology [Abed/Troy 4:34:54]
Practical Applications of Continuous Eye Contact (Doctor Who Crossover) [Gen 3:12]
In the Future Everyone Will Have a Sexbot [Abed/Troy 5:50]
Summer reading [Abed/Troy 2:43]
The Times where [Abed/Troy 5:24]
Three Men and a Baby Minus a Man [Abed/Troy 3:46]

Count Cain/Godchild
Voice [Cain/Riff 11:19]

Don't go into the woods, my love (twisted Disney princesses) [rapunzel/snow white if you squint 19:21]

Surprise (Buffy X over) [gen 5:38]

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Wild And Whirling Words Remix) [Gen, 26:10] read with iv001
Little Pieces (Psych x-over) [Shawn Spencer/River Tam, 06:16]

Gravity Falls
Conventions are fun (And the people are Funner) {Gen X-Over 08:27}

Horror and Terror [Hannibal/Will, 08:20] 

A Newtonian Co-dependence [Peter/nathan 12:10]

Invader Zim
8 Ways to Survive the apocalypse [Invader zim x-over 17:40]
A Simple request [Gen 16:33]

The IT Crowd
The Cruciverbalist [Moss/Roy 10:52]

Kingsman The Secret Service
A gentlemen's guide to Heat [Harry/Eggsy 16:52]
The Things gentlemen Don't Do [harry/Eggsy 41:05]

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015
Best Laid Plans [Gaby/Illya/Napoleon 20:19]
Heart to heart [Illya/Napoleon 09:39]
My Lonely Heart is Racing  [Illya/Napoleon 06:57]

From Beyond The Morgue [Shawn/Carlton 4:04:00]
The Dah-LIng Store-It-Yourself [Shawn/Carlton 04:00:41:]

Pushing Daisies
The Beginning, the Middle, the End, and Everything in Between [X-over 04:44]

My New pants [j.D./Dr. Cox 17:29]
Things You have to Get Used to When John Dorian Is your Boyfriend [J.D./Dr. Cox 24:41]

Sherlock Holmes (RDJ films)
The Art Of Disguise (Gen, 37:42)

Breathe in Like you mean it [Bond/Q 37:50]
Decompression [Bond/Q 22:31]
minutes slipping by (but with you, they feel like hours) [Bond/Q, 32:22]

Star Trek AOS
In foreign tongues (been all over you) [Gaila/Uhura 10:26]
One Foot in front of the other [Gen 8:02]
Your Mom (Gen, 15:24)

Stargate Atlantis
alive,sane,whole [gen, 8:53)
Hindsight [Sheppard/Mckay 02:07:20]
Personal Item [Sheppard/McKay 24:52]
More Than [Sheppard/McKay 22:33]

Star Wars
Speaker of Valaeanath [Obi-wan/? 1;51:39]

Tin Man
A Fool Would Not Know What to do with a Heart if He Had One [cain/ambrose 1:08:12]
A Trail Of breadcrumbs [cain/glitch 4:16]
A Waltz in 4/4 time [Cain/Glitch 10:15]
Fake Lives [Cain/Glitch 10:24]
Impermeance [Cain/Ambrose, Glitch/Cain, 57:21]
Judgement [Cain/Glitch 4:46]
Lost and Found [Dg/Jeb, Ambrose/Cain 01:27:18]
Mind and Soul [gen 17:54]
Muscle Memory [Cain/Glitch 20:10]
Nightmares [Cain/Glitch 16:23]
The path Not taken [Cain/Ambrose 01:33:10]
The Road Less traveled [Glitch/Cain, Azkadelia/Cain, DG/Cain, Dg/Glitch 31:43]
Sound of Stillness [Cain/Ambrose 47:58]
This Ain't a Fairy tale [Cain/Glitch, Glitch/OMC 31:08]
Tie A ribbon around my heart [Glitch/Cain 16:02]

Teen Wolf
Ain't that a kick in the head verse (harry potter fusion) [Derek/Stiles 38:40]
Do you wanna date my avatar [Derek/Stiles 1:16:00] read with [livejournal.com profile] opalsong, [personal profile] majoline , [personal profile] piscaria , [personal profile] anna_unfolding ,[personal profile] kdheart , [livejournal.com profile] 24thkey, [personal profile] starduchess , [personal profile] hananobira
I was looking for a hooker when I found you [Derek/Stiles 30:38]
The Moon fever series 1 : You With Air [Derek/stiles  30:07]
The Moon Fever series 2: Nothing but heart [Derek/stiles 24:56]
The Moon Fever Series 3: As we walk into the night [Derek/Stiles 22:46}
Show you what all that howl is for (SGA Fusion) [Derek/Stiles 1:29:41]
To the Shire Born (LOTR fusion) [Derek/Stiles 23:27] read with [personal profile] k_town
When everyone else is gone [Gen 13:08]

Tessellation (X-Men First class, 616) [Charles/Erik 1:46:12] read with [personal profile] k_town (WIP)

The Legend Of Zelda
raining Again [Link/Zelda 21:24]


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